Many older people do not use the internet and are unable to access many critical online services. But, new research finds that certain groups of older consumers would get connected if they are given the right kind of support to help them overcome their fears.

The technology they used was very poor and was less complex than it is now. Older people find it very difficult to interact with others using their mobile phones especially when they find that the phones can be very fragile and may need repairing often. The latest phones on the market are manufactured with glass, which is likely to break if you drop it on a concrete floor. This is why broken screen repair services are so easily available, however, we recommend doing necessary researching before choosing a company.

Take a look at their credentials, who approves them, their reviews and their history. This will give you an idea of how trusted they are. Prices are also a key indicator of their honesty. See: Cost of Replacing Samsung Battery.

The Right Attitude

The “Older people and communications technology” qualitative research shows that older people’s attitude and character are the key determinants of whether or not they are online. The research suggests that the many older people who initially rejected using the Internet may get connected if they had the right support, assistance and learning environment.

They said that courses designed for and run by older people, together with mentoring schemes would encourage them to get online.

Many of us are not as engaged in today’s rapidly evolving communications world as other people. With more and more local and central government services online, as well as the best deals for commercial services, people who are not connected will find themselves increasingly excluded in today’s world.

Figures indicate that as many as 60% of people over 65 don’t understand the term broadband, and over half do not take up Internet access because they see no benefit being online or using their phones.

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