More and more people in the UK are not only using digital TV, the internet and broadband at home, the independent voice for the consumer interest in communications, shows. They are also exercising more choice in how and what communications technologies they use.

Findings from the Consumers and the communications market:

Survey reveal that ownership of home internet is now at 61%, and over a third (36%) of people now own a mobile, internet and digital TV. Levels of switching landline provider are on the increase too, and have risen by 8%. This could be driven by the growth in ‘bundled’ broadband and fixed line services. However, people on low income and older people are being left behind. Far fewer access the internet at home at only around a third compared to the UK average of 61%. Digital TV ownership is lower too at 67% of people on a low income and 57% of older people compared to the UK average of 74%.